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ATX 3.0 PCIe 5.0 600W 8 Pin to Angled 12VHPWR 16 Pin Power Cable

SKU: T8P-12VHPWR-90A-C  |  Brand / Compatible with: MODDIY
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Product Description

YES, this angled 12VHPWR cable is compatible with your PSU! It is a custom tailor-made cable, so just state your PSU model when placing the order, and we'll arrange it accordingly for you. Here are some showcases of our angled 12VHPWR cables.

NEW Premium Single-Sleeved Custom Tailor-Made ATX 3.0 PCIe 5.0 600W Triple/Dual 8 Pin to 90-degree angled 12VHPWR 16 Pin Power Cable for RTX 4090/4080/4070/4060/3090ti

This premium 90-degree angled 12VHPWR custom cable requires 18mm clearance only! 

Individually Sleeved Modular Cable, Built for the new PCIe 5.0 12V HPWR Mini 12+4 pin GPU

16Pin GPU Cable PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR Sleeved Modular Cables Male to Male PSU Cable Mini 12+4 pin Adapter 600W Power Supply 

PCI-E 5.0 Modular Cable 12V HPWR GPUs GeForce RTX 3090 Ti PCIe Gen 5 Connectors 16P

PCI-E 5.0 GPU Cable (16-pin Micro Fit cable) for Nvidia RTX 4090 4080 3090ti

600w PCIe 5.0 12vhpwr type 4 PSU power cable

16-Pin GPU Power Cable

Cable Type

  • Angled 12VHPWR PCI-e Direct Cable (for plugging into PSU and GPU directly)

Cable Connector

  • Triple/Dual 8 Pin PCIE from PSU to 12VHPWR Mini 12+4 Pin (16 Pin)
    (suitable for any PCIe 5.0 GPUs with 12VHPWR 16-Pin port, e.g. RTX4080/RTX4090/RTX3090ti)

12VHPWR Connector Angled Type (examples)

  • Type-A (the latch is at the top)
  • Type-B (the latch is at the bottom)

Cable Length

  • 10cm to 100cm 

Cable Style

  • High-Density Single Sleeved - This is the most popular and elegant style with individual high-density sleeving over each wire with the best protection while maintaining the cable softness and flexibility.
  • Ultra-Soft Silicone Wire (no sleeving) - This style gives you the most flexible cables in the world using premium ultra-soft silicone wires, most suitable for mini PC, ITX, SFF builds with minimal spacing.
  • Premium Silver Wire (no sleeving) - This style is the simplicity and elegant style using premium high-performance silver-plated wires with the best interference protection, most suitable for Audio Grade PC.

Cable Color

Cable Combs (optional)


  • Suitable for any PSU models. This is a custom tailor-made cable
  • Suitable for any PCIe 5.0 GPUs with 12VHPWR 16-Pin port, e.g. RTX3090ti/RTX4090/RTX4080/RTX4070ti

Main Features


ATX 3.0 PCIe 5.0 600W 8 Pin to Angled 12VHPWR 16 Pin Power Cable

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Product Reviews

  1. 15 May 2024


    Satisfied with order and quality

    "Satisfied with order and quality"

  2. 14 May 2024

    Jan S

    Outstanding e-shop not only for modders. Great selection, great prices :)

    "Outstanding e-shop not only for modders. Great selection, great prices :)"

  3. 14 May 2024

    Dana R

    Great products, fast shipping !

    "Great products, fast shipping !"

  4. 13 May 2024

    Benjamin A

    Really good. Will shop again for all my cables in the future.

    "Really good. Will shop again for all my cables in the future."

  5. 13 May 2024


    Very good products at affordable price

    "Very good products at affordable price"

  6. 12 May 2024


    It was good, I received it on time and had no prob...

    "It was good, I received it on time and had no problems, and item was in perfect shap"

  7. 11 May 2024


    It has been a great experience since I have found ...

    "It has been a great experience since I have found out about this website. Custom cables make it easier to build an SFF pc and keep the cabling clean."

  8. 11 May 2024

    Carolan C

    We had special requests that were executed and met...

    "We had special requests that were executed and met to fulfill our order. We will be ordering much more!"

  9. 09 May 2024

    George G

    Simple and easy to make an order

    "Simple and easy to make an order"

  10. 07 May 2024

    Sam M

    You guys have everything that is hard to find, kee...

    "You guys have everything that is hard to find, keep adding to your inventory and keep up the great work!"

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  1. 2023-08-16

    Alan J

    Look no further for custom cables modDIY is the solution!

    "My modDIY.com experience has been truly excellent to say the least. They worked on my custom power supplies as soon as possible and the communication was fantastic. I accidentally gave them the wrong model of power supply and their customer service quickly resolved the issue. I am a very satisfy customer and recommend them for any custom cables on your rig. I will continue to be a loyal customer and spread the word on the excellent service."

  2. 2023-07-21

    Marco Antonio Schneider J

    Great site, great FAQ and help page.

    "Great site, great FAQ and help page."

  3. 2023-06-23


    Able to use 4090 FE in a Sliger Cerberus X case

    "Bought this cable to use in a very narrow case - the Sliger Cerberus X - and the 90 degree cable works perfectly with my corsair SF750 power supply. Tested with the full power of the card and all is working OK."

  4. 2023-06-15

    Arthur M.

    Using to power RTX 4090 Founder's Edition in an Intel NUC 13 Extreme (i9 version)

    "I have the Intel Core i9-13900k variant of the Intel NUC 13 Extreme. Nvidia's Founder's Edition RTX 4090 fits inside—the only air-cooled variant of the 4090 that does—but there's very little room to work with. Using Nvidia's included four 8-pin to 12VHPWR 16-pin adapter plugged into the necessary three PCI-e express slots (due to the Nvidia adapter containing a sensor requiring three, even though it's not necessary for any technical reasons), it's not possible to close the bottom of the NUC 13 Extreme's case, and pretty much every free space left in the already tightly packed case is filled with a nest of power cables. This replacement cable (ultra-soft silicon wire, Type-A, 2 × 8-pin to 12VHPWR, 40 cm) for the NUC 13's FSP750-27SCM 750-watt power supply is perfect. It fits without impeding the ability of the case to close, it is so much easier to route than the stiff OEM cables, and it allows for a much tidier interior to the case for improved airflow. It powers the RTX 4090 Founder's Edition without any issues, including during graphics-intensive 4K 144 Hz HDR heavy ray-tracing gameplay (e.g., Cyberpunk, which is what I'm playing right now). The cable is priced reasonably, especially given its much higher quality than any OEM cables I've ever had. I will be buying all my custom cables from modDIY from now on!"

  5. 2023-06-12

    Mint D

    Very kind and quick customer service

    "The person that I was talking to was really helpful, they double checking some stuff for me:)"

  6. 2023-06-08

    Anthony P

    Fast and effective support

    "With all my googling I could not find the answer, Carrie from modDIY was able to get me the exact information I wanted in seconds."

  7. 2023-06-08

    Martin A

    very good service

    "very good service. They seem to be professionals at PC cables.=)"

  8. 2023-06-08


    Great company and great customer service!

    "Great company and great customer service! Would use them for my custom cable needs"

  9. 2023-05-13

    Mike Ad

    Excellent customer support!!

    "I had a question about a custom cable and it was quickly and easily handled. Great product knowledge and the customization I'm looking for won't cost extra either. This will be my future go-to for orders like this!!"

  10. 2023-05-13

    Sven F

    Overall very good shopping experience

    "Website is easy to use and everything is easy to find. Overall very good shopping experience."

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