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PCI Express PCIE Extension Cable Riser 19cm

SKU: PCI16-E  |  Brand: MODDIY
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High Quality PCI-Express PCI-E Extension Cable Riser (19cm)

PCI-Express PCI-E x16 Extension Cable Riser - 7"

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  1. Super fast shipment! Will Order again :)

    By Anonymous Customer on 29 Nov 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Super fast shipment! Will Order again :)"

  2. Easy to search in naturalish language. Well done.

    By Frederick S on 28 Nov 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Easy to search in naturalish language. Well done."

  3. Webie from customer support gave me a free shippin...

    By Alexis on 28 Nov 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Webie from customer support gave me a free shipping code since 1 item i had cost 10$ and the item was 10$ which made no sense, because i reached out and the customer support helped i will buy more from the company, i just hope more people know so i can recommend this site"

  4. Very nice cables and very quick delivery considering other side of the world

    By Frederick A on 27 Nov 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Very nice cables and very quick delivery considering other side of the world"

  5. Quick and easy

    By Gary on 26 Nov 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Quick and easy"

  6. Easy to negotiate your system and the wide range of products

    By Dónal L on 25 Nov 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Easy to negotiate your system and the wide range of products"


    By PAT D on 23 Nov 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "NOT SURE IF PAYMENT WENT THROUGH (PAYPAL O.K.'D IT BUT CARD ISSUER DIDN'T - PLEASE ADVISE. All was o.k.'d (card restriction problem, not any problem with moddiy.) thanks."

  8. Great simple website

    By Tim M on 22 Nov 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Great simple website"

  9. Chat was helpful. Cables not available elsewhere.

    By Simon D on 18 Nov 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Chat was helpful. Cables not available elsewhere."

  10. Everything fine

    By Francisco L on 17 Nov 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Everything fine"

  1. everything is great!

    By Mark C on 2019-05-07 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "everything is great!"

  2. Woo!

    By GORDON P on 2019-03-30 | Verified Purchase ✓


  3. Great stuff, paradise for pc modders.

    By Jonathan J on 2019-01-31 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Great stuff, paradise for pc modders."

  4. great selection

    By Jonathan Johnson on 2019-01-22 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "great selection, some very hard to find items. great place for pc modders"