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PCI Express PCIE Extension Cable Riser 19cm

SKU: PCI16-E  |  Brand / Compatible with: MODDIY
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We sell thousands of risers every month! The best quality risers you can get anywhere.

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High Quality PCI-Express PCI-E Extension Cable Riser (19cm)

PCI-Express PCI-E x16 Extension Cable Riser - 7"

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  1. 19 May 2024

    Sava I

    very good, big thanks

    "very good, big thanks"

  2. 18 May 2024

    robert s

    I'm interested in modding, so likely will use your site again

    "I'm interested in modding, so likely will use your site again"

  3. 15 May 2024


    Satisfied with order and quality

    "Satisfied with order and quality"

  4. 14 May 2024

    Jan S

    Outstanding e-shop not only for modders. Great selection, great prices :)

    "Outstanding e-shop not only for modders. Great selection, great prices :)"

  5. 14 May 2024

    Dana R

    Great products, fast shipping !

    "Great products, fast shipping !"

  6. 13 May 2024

    Benjamin A

    Really good. Will shop again for all my cables in the future.

    "Really good. Will shop again for all my cables in the future."

  7. 13 May 2024


    Very good products at affordable price

    "Very good products at affordable price"

  8. 12 May 2024


    It was good, I received it on time and had no prob...

    "It was good, I received it on time and had no problems, and item was in perfect shap"

  9. 11 May 2024


    It has been a great experience since I have found ...

    "It has been a great experience since I have found out about this website. Custom cables make it easier to build an SFF pc and keep the cabling clean."

  10. 11 May 2024

    Carolan C

    We had special requests that were executed and met...

    "We had special requests that were executed and met to fulfill our order. We will be ordering much more!"

  1. 2019-05-07

    Mark C

    everything is great!

    "everything is great!"

  2. 2019-03-30




  3. 2019-01-31

    Jonathan J

    Great stuff, paradise for pc modders.

    "Great stuff, paradise for pc modders."

  4. 2019-01-22

    Jonathan Johnson

    great selection

    "great selection, some very hard to find items. great place for pc modders"