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PCIE 16X Riser Ribbon Extender Cable with Molex Powered 30cm

SKU: PCI16-16-EM-30  |  Brand / Compatible with: MODDIY
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Product Description

We sell thousands of risers every month! The best quality risers you can get anywhere.

PCI-Express PCI-E 16X Riser Card Flexible Ribbon Extender Cable w/Molex + Solid Capacitor (30cm Extra Long Version)

30cm Length The Flexible Single Slot PCI-Express Riser Card with x16 to x16 interface makes the PCI-Express x16 Card away from motherboard , with the PCI-Express socket x16 directly in line with the socket on the motherboard.

Exhanced Premium Version

Molex connector + Solid Capacitor modification is designed to reroute power from your motherboard PCI-e slot. This prevents graphics card damage via an extender cable, and also prevents motherboard damage to any system running more than 2 GPUs simultaneously.

  • It is flexible cable design and suitable for your own projects 
  • This riser card provides expansion for 1 slots with cable
  • Gold plated contacts for best conductivity and long life 
  • PCI-e x16 to x16 slot adapter
  • 30cm Length
  • Great for intense Gaming
  • Works for all PCI-e bus versions
  • Ensure proper airflow in your system by creating more room in tight-fit cases

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  1. 23 Jun 2024

    Michael L

    Simple process

    "Simple process"

  2. 23 Jun 2024

    Anonymous Customer

    Shopping was quick and easy. Found exactly what I need and a little extra.

    "Shopping was quick and easy. Found exactly what I need and a little extra."

  3. 22 Jun 2024

    Jared T

    I'm a repeat customer. I love ModDIY's products.

    "I'm a repeat customer. I love ModDIY's products."

  4. 22 Jun 2024


    My first order, awaiting quality test.

    "My first order, awaiting quality test."

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  6. 20 Jun 2024

    matthew n

    Very satisfied good service

    "Very satisfied good service"

  7. 20 Jun 2024


    Was quick and easy! Rarely can I find exactly what I need so quickly

    "Was quick and easy! Rarely can I find exactly what I need so quickly"

  8. 20 Jun 2024

    Michael cantu j

    Big selection of products. I have been looking eve...

    "Big selection of products. I have been looking everywhere for this cable so I just wish I had found this site sooner"

  9. 19 Jun 2024

    jack d

    Perfect! Many thanks Jack

    "Perfect! Many thanks Jack"

  10. 18 Jun 2024


    Adaptor cable was good and fairly well made. Deliv...

    "Adaptor cable was good and fairly well made. Delivery timing was pretty good, under 2 weeks to Singapore."