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PCIE 16X Riser Ribbon Extender Cable with Molex Powered 30cm

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Product Description

We sell thousands of risers every month! The best quality risers you can get anywhere.

PCI-Express PCI-E 16X Riser Card Flexible Ribbon Extender Cable w/Molex + Solid Capacitor (30cm Extra Long Version)

30cm Length The Flexible Single Slot PCI-Express Riser Card with x16 to x16 interface makes the PCI-Express x16 Card away from motherboard , with the PCI-Express socket x16 directly in line with the socket on the motherboard.

Exhanced Premium Version

Molex connector + Solid Capacitor modification is designed to reroute power from your motherboard PCI-e slot. This prevents graphics card damage via an extender cable, and also prevents motherboard damage to any system running more than 2 GPUs simultaneously.

  • It is flexible cable design and suitable for your own projects 
  • This riser card provides expansion for 1 slots with cable
  • Gold plated contacts for best conductivity and long life 
  • PCI-e x16 to x16 slot adapter
  • 30cm Length
  • Great for intense Gaming
  • Works for all PCI-e bus versions
  • Ensure proper airflow in your system by creating more room in tight-fit cases

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