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Professional Tailor Made Custom Sleeved Modular Cable Kit for Asus

SKU: PCK-AS  |  Brand / Compatible with: Asus
$79.99 $169.99 SAVE $90.00
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Product Description

Top quality custom tailor-made power supply unit full modular cable kits for PC enthusiast and modder from $79.99 with Free Shipping Worldwide!

Our premium cables are handcrafted by our most experienced cable engineers with the utmost attention and care. Ship within 1 or 2 days ONLY!

All cables are 100% tailor-made, heatshrinkless with gold-plated pins, using JMT premium connectors, and 100% tested prior to shipping. They are all modular direct cables for plugging into your PSU directly!

Cables Included

The cable kit includes full set of 9pcs of cables (or 7pcs of cables if you choose 12VHPWR).

You can choose to build this custom cable kit with traditional PCIE cables or the new 12VHPWR cable. We use the new 12V-2X6 H++ connector for all 12VHPWR cables. This new standard is better and safer!

Each cable includes 3pcs of pre-installed premium laser-cut closed cable combs (optional).

  • 1 x 24-pin ATX/Main cable
  • 1 x 8-pin EPS/CPU cable
  • 1 x 4+4 pin EPS/CPU cable
  • 3 x 8-pin PCIE/GPU cables (2x8pin, 1x6+2pin) or 1 x 12VHPWR (12V-2X6) 16-pin cable
  • 2 x Single SATA (straight) power cable
  • 1 x Single Molex (straight) power cable

Cable Type

  • Direct modular cable for plugging into PSU directly.

Cable Style

  • High-Density Single Sleeved
    This is the most popular and elegant style with individual high-density sleeving over each wire with the best protection while maintaining the cable softness and flexibility.
  • Ultra-Soft Silicone Wire (no sleeving)
    This style gives you the most flexible cables in the world using premium ultra-soft silicone wires, most suitable for mini-PC, ITX, SFF builds with minimal spacing.
  • Ultra-Soft Embossed Wire (no sleeving)
    This new soft-textured embossed cable, meticulous like woven texture, enhances the aesthetic. It offers both advantages of the texture of sleeving, and the softness of silicone wire.
  • Premium Silver Wire (no sleeving)
    This style is the simplicity and elegant style using premium high-performance silver-plated wires with the best interference protection, most suitable for Audio Grade PC.

Cable Length

  • 10cm to 100cm

Cable Color

  • Same price for any cable color(s). They are all 100% tailor-made for you!
  • You can choose multiple colors for your cable kit.
  • Available cable colors

Connector Color

Cable Comb (optional)

  • 4 colors available: Black, Red, White, Clear
  • Each cable includes 3pcs of pre-installed combs (optional). You can also buy extras combs and we'll pre-install them for you.

PSU Model Compatibility

  • Suitable for any PSU models. This is a custom tailor-made cable kit.
  • We build tailor-made cables for all PSU brands and models.

Main Features


 Direct Cable Kit MODDIY Pro Cable Kits Other Cable Kits
 CUSTOM Cable Length YES NO
 CUSTOM Cable Style YES
 CUSTOM Cable Color YES
 CUSTOM Comb Color YES
 CUSTOM Connector Color YES
 NEW 12V-2X6 H++ Connector YES
 PREMIUM Branded Connectors YES
 PREMIUM Gold-Plated Pins YES
 ALL PSU Brands and Models YES
 FREE Shipping Worldwide YES
 FAST Turnaround Time


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  1. 18 Jul 2024

    Matt D

    Great :)

    "Great :)"

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  3. 17 Jul 2024

    Hendrik S

    Great shop! Fast response to email inquiries and very helpful!

    "Great shop! Fast response to email inquiries and very helpful!"

  4. 16 Jul 2024

    Bob G

    Had exactly what I needed - thank you!

    "Had exactly what I needed - thank you!"

  5. 15 Jul 2024

    Michael L

    Simple process good product. Long shipping time, but expected.

    "Simple process good product. Long shipping time, but expected."

  6. 13 Jul 2024


    This is my first order and I am very satisfied, quality cable, works perfectly.

    "This is my first order and I am very satisfied, quality cable, works perfectly."

  7. 11 Jul 2024

    John G

    Easy to order. Thanks!!

    "Easy to order. Thanks!!"

  8. 11 Jul 2024

    Joshua S

    This is the only place that has this cable

    "This is the only place that has this cable"

  9. 10 Jul 2024

    Andrew M

    Helpful email support, need to see that the cable ...

    "Helpful email support, need to see that the cable that I'm sent actually fits and works before giving a better review."

  10. 10 Jul 2024

    peter k

    Thank you for a great service

    "Thank you for a great service"

  1. 2023-06-21

    Nick G

    Shipped the same day I ordered

    "Shipped the same day I ordered. All the cables I required were in the pack and were made to specification. Very impressed at the turnaround time for a custom order."

  2. 2023-03-21


    great website, easy to use

    "great website, easy to use"

  3. 2023-03-13


    Fantastic customer service!!

    "Carrie & Webie where extremely helpful & polite in helping me with my purchases. Will definitely be using modDIY instead of CableMod in the future!"

  4. 2023-02-23


    Experience was good

    "Experience was good"

  5. 2022-03-23

    Romnick T

    Good customer support

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