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Premium Single Sleeved 24 Pin Modular Cable for Asus

SKU: ASUS-24-B  |  Brand / Compatible with: Asus
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Product Description

Premium custom tailor-made 24-pin main power direct modular cable for Asus PSUs.

It is made to order for your exact Asus PSU model, and you can customize the colors, length, and cable style as well.

Cable Type:

  • Direct modular cable (for plugging into PSU and motherboard directly)


  • 18+10 pin to 24 pin

Cable Length:

  • 10cm to 100cm

Cable Style:

  • High-Density Single Sleeved - This is the most popular and elegant style with individual high-density sleeving over each wire with the best protection while maintaining the cable softness and flexibility.
  • Ultra-Soft Silicone Wire (no sleeving) - This style gives you the most flexible cables in the world using premium ultra-soft silicone wires, most suitable for mini PC, ITX, SFF builds with minimal spacing.
  • Premium Silver Wire (no sleeving) - This style is the simplicity and elegant style using premium high-performance silver-plated wires with the best interference protection, most suitable for Audio Grade PC.

Cable Color:

Cable Combs (optional):

PSU Model:

  • Suitable for any PSU models. This is a custom tailor-made cable.

Main Features:

  • High-density individually sleeving (optional)
  • Premium JMT connectors
  • Premium JMT gold-plated terminals

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    Ralph J

    Exhaustive catalogue and reliable supplier

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    first-time shopping. All went well and navigation was easy.

    "first-time shopping. All went well and navigation was easy."

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    Good and Unique!

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    very good, big thanks

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    I'm interested in modding, so likely will use your site again

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    Satisfied with order and quality

    "Satisfied with order and quality"

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    Jan S

    Outstanding e-shop not only for modders. Great selection, great prices :)

    "Outstanding e-shop not only for modders. Great selection, great prices :)"

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    Dana R

    Great products, fast shipping !

    "Great products, fast shipping !"

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    Salvador C

    I love what you guys do!

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    Good Products and Great Customer Support

    "Impressive choice of colors to get custom modular cables with suitable length. Quality is here and delivery is fast. Also customer support team is really prompt to answer and helped me with an order change request."

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    Guy Marhoun J

    Shopping was easy

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