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Honeywell PTM7950 SP Super Highly Thermally Conductive PCM Paste

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Product Description

Honeywell PTM7950-SP Super Highly Thermally Conductive Phase Change Material (PCM) Paste Thermal Interface Materials

Honeywell’s PTM7950 series, a super highly thermally conductive Phase Change Material (PCM) in both pad and paste formats, is designed to minimize thermal resistance at interfaces, maintain excellent performance through reliability testing, and provide scalable application at a competitive cost.

Based on a novel polymer PCM system, this material exhibits excellent interface wetability during typical operating temperature ranges, resulting in extremely low surface contact resistance.

A proprietary material provides superior reliability (pass 150˚C baking 1000 hours, T/C-B 1000 cycles) and maintains low thermal impedance (<0.04˚Ccm2/W @ no shim), making the PTM7950 series desirable for high performance integrated circuit devices.

PTM7900 Series Datasheet


Features & Benefits

  • High performance filler and polymer technology
  • Phase change at 45°C
  • Highly conductive filler loading to optimize performance
  • Superior handling and reworkability
  • Superior reliable thermal performance
  • Available in both pad and paste formats

General Properties

  • Syringes : 2G
  • Color : Grey
  • Thermal Resistance (cm2-K/W) :  0.04 °C·cm²/W
  • Thermal Conductivity (W/m °K) : 8.5 W/m.K
  • Specific Gravity : 2.8
  • Volume Resistivity : 2.1x1014 Ohms⋅cm

Honeywell PTM 7950 SP Super Highly Thermally Conductive PCM Paste

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