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Professional Single Sleeved Cable Wire Clear Comb 4 to 28 Slots

SKU: TD426-440  |  Brand / Compatible with: MODDIY
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Product Description

The modDIY cable comb makes it easy for anyone to achieve professional results on even the most unruly cable runs. They have been designed to work perfectly with all individually sleeved cables and have just the right amount of retention to hold the cable into the comb without tarnishing the sleeve.

Suitable for all 16AWG/18AWG UL3239/UL1015/UL1007/UL3135 sleeved cable wires with 3mm diameters

These black/clear combs are available in 9 sizes (4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, 24, 26, 28) to suit any build configuration.

Our combs are made with Top Quality Solid Durable Laser-Cut Acrylic Plastic!
(not those cheap 3D print fragile comb with rough edges in other shops)

  • 4 Slot (Double Row for 4pin CPU/ATX Cable)
  • 6 Slot (Double Row for 6pin PCI-E Cable)
  • 8 Slot (Double Row for 8pin CPU/EPS/PCI-E Cable)
  • 12 Slot (Double Row for 6+6pin PCI-E Cable)
  • 14 Slot (Double Row for 8+6pin PCI-E Cable)
  • 16 Slot (Double Row for 8+8pin PCI-E Cable)
  • 24 Slot (Double Row for 24pin Main Power Cable)
  • 26 Slot (Double Row for EVGA/Seasonic Main Power Modular Cable) NEW
  • 28 Slot (Double Row for EVGA/Seasonic Main Power Modular Cable) NEW
  • 4 Slot Molex (Single Row for IDE/Molex Cable)
  • 5 Slot SATA (Single Row for SATA Power Cable)
  • ALL (1 set - one each of above 11 sizes (4 Slot to 28 Slot) - 11pcs in total  - 9% off discount)

Comb Thickness = 5mm

Closed Cable Combs types are also available at Premium Stealth Computer Closed Cable Combs (4 Colors / 9 Types)

New Color - White & Red!

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  1. 13 Jun 2024

    Rafael S



  2. 12 Jun 2024

    Michael D

    I have shopped here for years and I've always had a very good experience.

    "I have shopped here for years and I've always had a very good experience."

  3. 10 Jun 2024

    Jan S

    Outstanding e-shop not only for modders. Great selection, great prices :)

    "Outstanding e-shop not only for modders. Great selection, great prices :)"

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    Alex H



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  6. 08 Jun 2024

    Nathan W

    Great had what I needed.

    "Great had what I needed."

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    I have shopped at Moddiy for a few years now , mor...

    "I have shopped at Moddiy for a few years now , more so of late. My continued experience has never changed. Moddiy in Aussies language " you guys are Bonza "."

  9. 05 Jun 2024


    CS rep Carrie answered all of my questions and was...

    "CS rep Carrie answered all of my questions and was helpful. Lets see the final product in the next video!"

  10. 04 Jun 2024

    Dana R

    Great products, fast shipping !

    "Great products, fast shipping !"

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  2. 2021-03-02

    Thomas P

    so far excellent experience

    "Hope everything will be fine, so far excellent experience and really clear page design!"

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    Well organised, easy to use site

    "Well organised, easy to use site"

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    E Aussenberg

    easy to use website.

    "easy to use website."

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    Jose Ramirez A

    Very Good Place to buy great stuff

    "Very Good Place to buy great stuff"

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    Daniel B

    very good product

    "very good product. i found what im looking for. A+"

  7. 2019-12-04

    Paier Rossi

    Their catalog of products is super vast

    "Their catalog of products is super vast, and their support is really helpful and accommodating."

  8. 2019-09-14

    Roger C.

    Good quality with slight inconvenient

    "I just received my 5 SATA slots combs and I am very satisfied with quality but be aware that you will have, if ordered clear in colour, to scratch some king of a gold coating on sides ( you must wet the coating first for it to be possible without ruining your nails ). Otherwise very satisfied and I reccomend."

  9. 2016-02-22


    Cable Comb : Best in Town

    "Purchased cable combs in custom quantity for my sleeved cables of Corsair AX1200i. Packing of items was very good and product is what is shown here. They have added the magic in cable management and looks of the sleeves. Thumbs Up.

    Top recommended."