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Corsair AX/HX/TX Series Custom PSU Modular Cables

SKU: CS-CMC  |  Brand: Corsair
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Corsair AX Custom PSU Modular Cables

  • Professional Series Gold
    • AX1200
    • AX850
    • AX750
    • AX650
  • Professional Series
    • HX1050
    • HX850
    • HX750
    • HX650
  • Enthusiast Series
    • TX950
    • TX850
    • TX750
    • TX650
    • TX550

Cable Types

  • 24-Pin PSU Cable
  • 8-Pin EPS Cable
  • 6+2-Pin PCIe Cable
  • 4-Pin Molex IDE Cable
  • 5-Pin SATA Power Cable
  • 2-Pin/3-Pin/4Pin Fan Cable

Please contact us for quotation

Tailor-made custom single braid high quality sleeved PSU modular cables with for Corsair power supply units (i.e. AX1200, AX850, AX750, AX650, HX1050, HX850, HX750, HX650, TX950, TX850, TX750, TX650, TX550)

Please contact us with your requirements for quotation.

(We also build high quality custom modular cables for other PSU brands, please feel free to contact us for details)








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  1. Great

    By Anonymous Customer on 05 Jun 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓


  2. Had what I needed, reasonable prices

    By Tom on 02 Jun 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Had what I needed, reasonable prices"

  3. Easy and fast. I like it.

    By Dorian on 02 Jun 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Easy and fast. I like it."

  4. All good at the moment

    By Alberto G on 01 Jun 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "All good at the moment"

  5. Niche stuff are availble

    By JOHN W on 31 May 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "Niche stuff are availble"

  6. parts arrived in a pretty good timeframe. tracking...

    By leonard p on 29 May 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "parts arrived in a pretty good timeframe. tracking was a little wierd as it gets handed to different carriers."

  7. no

    By Dean K on 27 May 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓


  8. thanks, good and quick order

    By emiel on 25 May 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "thanks, good and quick order"

  9. thank you for having the parts i needed

    By larry s on 24 May 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓

    "thank you for having the parts i needed"

  10. good

    By sunyoung on 23 May 2023 | Verified Purchase ✓